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Testimonials & Reviews

I felt safe and everything ran very smoothly, from being tested for a fever upon arriving to my exit. My dental hygienist Jodi and Dr. Mockler were both in head to toe COVID-19 protective gear. Protecting themselves and all patiences. I bragged about my experience to my husband and daughter (also patients of Dr. Mockler).

Grace J.

Fedra and Dr. Mockler are as professional as they come. I think I was actually in and out quicker than any other appointment and I could not have felt more comfortable. Thank you both again and best wishes! Clark

Clark D.

My appointment with Dr Mockler was to replace a crown that came out during the Covid-19 shelter in place period. I was very impressed with the safety of their environment for patient and staff. Dr Mockler and her assistant did an excellent job of putting the crown back in which required some adjustment as the teeth had moved slightly. The tooth feels normal as if I had never had the problem at all. I was more than satisfied with her work.

James C.