Concierge Dental Care in Cupertino, CA

Our Mission, Our Values

Our mission is simple – to treat every one of our patients with the kind of top-notch dental care you’d expect from a personal concierge service. Here’s what we believe in to make that happen:


  1. Dedication to Professionalism and a Service Culture: We’re here for you and your dental needs. We strive to create a warm atmosphere where professionalism meets top-tier service. We’re all about ensuring you receive the best care in the business.
  2. The Power of Teamwork and Seamless Care: We want your experience with us to be as smooth as possible, just like a well-oiled machine. Our team works hand-in-hand, ensuring seamless transitions whether you’re booking your next appointment, discussing your treatment plan, or sorting out insurance details.
  3. Big on Transparency: We believe in open conversations. You should always feel in the know about every part of your treatment and have easy access to your info. And for us to serve you best, we make sure our team has all the info they need, when they need it.
  4. Embracing Growth, Feedback, and Personal Development: We know there’s no such thing as perfection, but we’re passionate about growing closer to it every day. We encourage our team to learn and grow in their roles and their passions, and we’re always fine-tuning our systems to make your experience even better.


And here’s a thing about us: we absolutely love your feedback! Don’t hold back, you’re part of this journey, too! Your insights help us ensure that our commitment to you and your dental care isn’t just a promise, but a reality!


Keep Smiling,

Dr. Tricia Mockler